As an aspiring writer and positive activist in the urban community of Kansas City, Missouri I tend to gravitate toward other positive individuals whose motives are similar to mine. Ironically while browsing on Instagram I came across a newly added friend by the name of Eric Tyler, more broadly known as ET music. Because of my love for music I just had to check his page out to see what his music had to offer. I scrolled through and viewed some of his pictures and videos and I quickly realized that Eric was more than my typical Instagram follower. His passion for God, music, and family was clearly evident and it was in that moment that I realized that this young man was the epitome of what a Christian man should be. I grew excited and I felt obligated to share his story with the world. As a Christian it is my duty to uplift, motivate, and support my fellow believers and that is just what I decided to do. I became motivated to write a story on Eric and with his permission we connected and I learned some very intriguing things about him.


Eric Tyler is a 28 year old Christian rapper who is originally from Kansas City, Kansas and now resides in Milwaukee. He’s married to his college sweetheart Chasity Tyler and the two of them together have a son. Eric is a committed member of Holy Redeemer Church of Milwaukee. He loves freestyle rapping and also enjoys creating positive music that uplifts others. He made it very clear that his biggest goal is to create music that “Uplifts, motivates, and inspires people” while simultaneously making a positive difference in their lives.  In our interview ET stated, “Music is a passion of mine and I challenge myself to inspire people to follow God in the process.”

This is truly conveyed in the lyrics of his music.

Eric Tyler has been a part of many great works. One of these consisting of the recording of the MKE Cipher which consisted of a group of local artist that came together to display unity and promote uplifting messages that would counteract the current violence in their community. The proceeds that were earned from the cipher were willingly donated to the boys and girls club. How cool is that you all?


Recently ET has just dropped his new EP entitled “The Awakening Unleashed” which contains his “Bars up to Heaven” (Remix) (feat. T-Rell) and several other great tracks.

As you can see ET Music has been a part of many great works and efforts and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I personally challenge him to keep pushing and stay motivated in executing his purpose through his passion.

You can follow his work @ETMusicPage on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

I am encouraging you all to go check him out on his social media sites and don’t be afraid to leave comments, like, share, and follow.

Let’s show him some love and motivate him to keep pushing toward making the world a greater place in Jesus name.

I Love you all. Be Blessed.



Make it last forever

Growing up in a family where Marriage was promoted, but no necessarily taken seriously and fully understood has shown me so much in terms of what a ” REAL” marriage should look like. A marriage is not just about wearing a ring and committing to one person. A marriage is not just living together under one roof and having children with your spouse. I know this because ive watched my family do these things and their marriages still did not flourish which raised an eyebrow for me to wonder……What is marriage truly? 

When I began dating my husband, I knew the ultimate goal for me was marriage. I was so eager to make that step but in my considering moments I wanted to be sure that it would last forever, but how could I be so sure? So I began to do my research

  • Googling
  • Watching love stories
  • Talking to other married couples
  • Getting advice on do’s and dont’s from people had been divorced
  • Learning from trial and error

I quickly realized that there was no exact/ right or wrong formula to a successful marriage, but there are a few key pointers that have been tremendously helpful. Here are my top 3 that I find to helpful in making my marriage a success so far! 

  1. COMMUNICATION- understanding each other verbally is step one. There shouldn’t be ANYTHING that you two can’t discuss together. Build and unbreakable bond.
  2. TRUST- know that you two are completely down for each other no matter what. No man or women should ever come between you and break your bond. Your bond should be so strong that you never question  one another’s behaviors toward someone else.
  3. LOVE- Love on each other endlessly. Never stop trying. Keep the spark alive. Date often. Try new things often and NEVER stop for as long as your marriage last. This seals the bond and keeps it thriving. 

Marriage can be a beautiful thing when you do it right. I’m 10 months in and loving every trial, error, smile, frown, happy moment, and laughter. 

I will never give up and I Pray you all will do the same.

Much love and signing out for now- Love you guys



I am becoming very concerned with the way the media promotes women. Why do all the images have to be so sexual? Why is being half naked being so heavily promoted? Why do young girls feel the NEED to wear make-up to feel beautiful? I want to know you all thoughts on this topic?….

PLEASE SHARE…..and comment below!

Mommy Chat….

Being a stay at home mommy is beyond satisfying. I love waking up every morning knowing that I will spend the entire day with my baby girl. She is the best medicine and remedy for all mommies hurt. However some days we get a bit bored with the repetitive routine. Can you all share with me some of the ways you guys get through your days? Routine ideas? Fun alternatives? I’m dying to hear from you all. Thanks in advance! 


I am officially back home from Branson. I had a blast with my family. We rode the Farris wheel, Bungie jumped, swam, shopped, and did go karts and much more. It was so relaxing and a well needed refresher. I missed you guys though. Were any of you on vacation or will be in the future? Where are you going and where have you been? I want to hear about it. I will be posting awesome new content tonight. For now go checkout some of the pictures from our family vacation that I uploaded. 
Thanks so much for the


and support. Talk to you all soon!

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