In life we often are unsure of our purpose. We internally ask questions such as “Who am I?”, “What do I stand for?”, “What is my reason for existing?” We unconsciously search for validating factors externally by seeking others opinions and often we realize their conclusions are wrong. You see finding your purpose isn’t difficult at all when you allow God to direct your footsteps. In my search for purpose I realized that God placed me here for several different reasons. Its those very reasons that ensure my validation.Β Its those very reasons that bring Happiness and Joy into my heart daily. Understanding my purpose has helped me execute some of my most challenging and enjoyable tasks in life. By being a child of God, a loving wife, and a proud mother I am challenged daily to exhibit humility in the utmost way. Β As I give God the highest praise while attempting to gracefully master each of these roles I now understand just how much more enjoyable each moment can be if only I choose to incorporate my purpose, which is helping better the world through sharing my experiences in the kindest way possible. Through this blog I intend to share with you my life through thoughts, stories, experiences, photos, and conversation. I want you all to walk, read, write, and grow with me. I want you all to journey with me, enjoy, and to better understand why “I AM PURELY HUMBLE.”Β 



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