I am becoming very concerned with the way the media promotes women. Why do all the images have to be so sexual? Why is being half naked being so heavily promoted? Why do young girls feel the NEED to wear make-up to feel beautiful? I want to know you all thoughts on this topic?….

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  1. I agree with you, even the on YouTube, like some videos are cringe and corny on the different level.
    Showing utter obscenity and what is more surprising is the view and the likes,.
    I even cannot tell here, but want to add its just promoting vulgarity and corrupting the minds to suit their business esp of the ladies because most if them are innocent and cannot see the blot hiding in the cup cake,
    there is a clear cut agenda of promoting and seeding the virus of vulgarity, obscenity and lewdness in the minds of teens esp girls.
    These all must be stop and we should not click on these videos downgrading and subjugating women, the sanctity of women and their nature.
    We must observe the hoax asap, lest it would be too late. And cling tightly to the Rope of The All seeing.

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